Google-Groups Guidelines


Google-Group Guidelines 2018


Please Note: Only members of the CCH Civic Association have the privilege to post messages

The Google group is a valuable service to our neighborhood. The primary role of the Google group is to provide the CCHCA a quick and efficient means of communication to a large majority of households on matters of importance to the neighborhood.

The guidelines strike a balance between accommodating individual requests to reach neighbors while maintaining the Association’s ability to reach as many residents as possible quickly. From past experience, overuse of the Google group for individual needs can cause some neighbors to unsubscribe in turn reducing the overall effectiveness of the group as a means of communication.

The following guidelines shall be used when posting and responding to Google group messages:

1. Limit topics to pertinent local information of interest to CCH residents
2. Do not post the City’s routine message, which are included in its many public publications
3. Provide email address for replies; phone numbers are optional. Do not include business/company signatures or footers.
4. Post only one message per event/issue. Combine several messages into one post.
5. Post items for sale by CCH residents excluding items belonging to third parties or commercial entities.
6. Reply to posted email address if shown in the message, otherwise, click on “reply”, NOT “reply all.”

7. Do not post:

a) “Thank you” or “Good job!”  “Item no longer available,”  “dog/cat has been found” or “child is back home” or similar messages but reply to each responder individually.

b) Charity solicitations, political, religious, sexual and commercial messages.

8. Please visit our website for recommended contractors, pet and babysitters before requesting recommendations via the Google-Group

All messages are screened by the moderators before group delivery to assure adherence to these guidelines. The moderators make the final decision. If approved, your message will be usually posted within 12 hours, however, the moderators cannot guarantee posting by a certain time.

If you have any questions or are uncertain about something you would like to post, please contact the group moderators at: Suggestions for revision and appropriateness will be offered. Concerns about these guidelines can be brought to the moderators or the President at:

The Bottom Line: Our goal is to keep your CCHCA Google-Group a useful tool. Please help by being selective with your postings! Thank you. The group moderators.

To join our CCHCA Google-Groups please email:

To join the Country Club Hills Civic Association contact:
Sue Mochinski,   703.255.2793