momsgroupAre you a Mom in Country Club Hills or Old Lee Hills?   Are you expecting a baby or looking forward to welcoming a child? In need of some friends and a good support network?

Please join the Neighborhood Moms’ Group!

Parent Resources

The Moms’ Group a great way to meet friends and build up your “village,” whether you’re from around here or not.

The  group’s  activities include:

  • Monthly “kid-free” evening meetings for friendship, support, and refreshments
  • Meals for families welcoming new children
  • Google Group for sharing information and crowd-sourcing ideas and questions
  • Weekend free-play standing appointment at My Gym
  • Burke for our small kiddos (great for getting out the weekend/winter wiggles)
  • December Holiday Cookie Exchange and End-of-Year June/July Picnic
  • Shared support of a family in need through Our Daily Bread’s Holiday Program

Annual dues: $10

Some background about our group:

This group started back in the 1950s as a way for moms to get together and find playmates for their kids. It has evolved over the years to a babysitting co-op and then back to a social group. We are currently a social group, although we do help each other out if someone occasionally sends out an email that they need help with babysitting. The only rule of the group is that you have to live in one of two neighborhoods; Old Lee Hills or Country Club Hills. Our “session” runs from September through June. Our yearly membership dues are $10. The dues go to Leslie Woods with checks made out to her.

We have meetings once a month at the members’ houses or a spot the hostess of the month chooses. We try to have the meetings the 3rd Wednesday or Thursday of the month in the evening so we can be “kid-free,” although if you have a new baby, moms do bring babies to the meetings if they want. The hostess of the meeting provides light refreshments and drinks, or if it is out somewhere we buy our own food. For our December meeting we do a cookie exchange, and for our June meeting we do a summer picnic (which is what our dues usually funds). We take a break in July and August.

We run our group electronically through Google Groups. Lindsay will manually add you to our group once you’ve paid the dues to Leslie. We have the member roster listed through Google Drive, along with a few other documents like “Things to Do In/Near Fairfax” and our meeting schedule.

Please feel free to send us an email if you have any questions or would like more information.

To join you need to do three things:
1. Pay the yearly membership dues of $10. Contact Leslie.

2. Email Lindsay info. for our membership database:
Name, Address, Home Phone, Cell Phone, Husband’s or an Emergency contact person’s Name and Phone, Children’s Names and birth dates. This info. will go onto the membership roster.

3.Once Lindsay gets your database information and Leslie has your dues, we will add you to the group and send out an email introducing you to the whole group. 🙂