Common Area

The Common Area is located at the intersection of Brookwood Drive and Spring Lake Terrace. At one point long ago it was considered as the location for a pool. When that didn’t happen, it was simply left as an open place for children to play and people to walk their dogs, among many other activities. It has been the site of the big Labor Day picnic for many years.

In the Spring of 2003, the CCHCA developed a proposal to enhance the area. This proposal was submitted to the City, and eventually led to the construction of the pavilion, the addition of split rail fences on each side, landscaping, and other improvements.

Long-time resident Nasrin Lescure has led the neighborhood effort to maintain and enhancement the landscaping of the area. An Adopt-a-Spot program was instituted where residents can claim an area and maintain it as they see fit. The Country Club Garden Club has been especially active in this endeavor.

Want to adopt your very own spot? The Common Area would appreciated it very much. Contact Jennifer for more information.

Jennifer Judelsohn
10116 Farmington Drive

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